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Organize Your Closet in 5 Steps

Author Editor - 2 minute read

What better time to do some spring cleaning and reorganize your closet than when you’re at home 24/7. An organized closet brings peace of mind and makes picking out an outfit way easier. Follow these five steps below and you’ll always know the location of your favorite spring dress, prized pair of jeans, and go-to conference call button-up. 

Empty your closet

This step should be pretty instinctual. Take everything out, all bins, closet organizers, extra hangers, and obviously all your clothes, shoes, etc. If you’re used to shoving everything in, this task is going to be full of fun surprises. 

Clean surfaces and vacuum floors

You won’t believe how much dust collects, so grab your vacuum, duster, any cleaners and sponges you have and get scrubbing. If you’re already reorganizing you might as well store your possession in a fresh, clean space.


Now that you have all of your wardrobe laid out, figure out what it is you want to keep, what you can resell or donate (once these nonprofits are back up and running of course; however, it’s never a bad time to send in cash donations if you’re able to). You can follow Marie Kondo’s philosophy and ask yourself if a skirt you’ve had for 3 seasons and wore only twice sparks any joy, or have a fun little try-on party to see if what you have still fits the image you want to portray. By decluttering you’ll also notice if your wardrobe needs any updates. Psst: We’re offering 25% off and free shipping.

Invest in new storage

To make sure all your clothes are easily accessible and stay organized investing in cubbies, dividers, extra shelving is something to consider. However, matching hangers, shoe boxes, and containers are a must as they will transform your closet eliminating visual clutter. The uniformity will instantly make it feel more neat and hopefully motivate you to maintain this look. 


Now comes the most fun and satisfying part - putting everything back in an orderly fashion! 

Group like with like

Keep all tops together, all pants together, all dresses together - you get the point. Besides making it easy to navigate, these categories will help you to figure out how much space you need and how best to store them, such as hanging blouses and folding thick sweaters. Pro tip: Hang everything in the same direction from shortest to longest for a streamlined look. You can even color coordinate by grouping general tones together. Talk about a Pinterest-worthy closet! 

Use your prime real-estate wisely

Everything that's front and center should be items that you use on the daily. This includes your workwear, lounge sets, weekend looks, etc. You shouldn't be on the stepstool everyday trying to get your t-shirts that are tucked in the back. 

The upper shelves and bottom drawers are where you should keep infrequently used pieces such as out-of-season clothing, special occasion outfits, and things you couldn't say goodbye to during step three.