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French Connection Creators - Patience Tamarra

Author Editor - 4 minute read

Last summer, we launched our Community Connection campaign – a global initiative where we supported and celebrated our local and wider communities during these strange times. A year on and community continues to be more important than ever. So this season, as a branch of our Community Connection campaign, we’re celebrating and putting the spotlight on creative talents, artists and inspiring individuals, from the US and Europe. As part of this content series, we will be sharing their stories, talents, passions and give a behind the scenes look into their industry and life, forming our French Connection community of creators, #FCCreators. So without further ado, let us introduce you to our first creator of this series, Patience Tamarra. 

Patience Tamarra is an author, poet, and spiritual practitioner who has dedicated her life's walk to nurturing self-love through community. She leads virtual and sometimes physical community healing circles and spiritual retreats that help assist others with living a more consciously aware life through writing, introspection and other sacred practices. 

What led you to start this journey of healing (yourself and others) and sharing affirmations? Was there a specific moment you are able to share that acted as a sort of wake-up call?

I wish I could say there was a super transformative and monumental moment that prompted my healing journey, but really it was just a break-up. Well, it was a break-up coupled with an identity crisis because I decided to drop out of college shortly after. My identity was so wrapped up in the relationship and the idea I had in my mind about what my life would or should look like that once those images started to crumble I didn’t recognize myself anymore. That was when I made the conscious decision to figure out who I was outside of the labels, identities and roles I claimed. I wanted to know me at the core of my being without any outside opinions whatsoever. That intention was at the foundation of my beginning into this healing work.

What inspired you to publish your book “dear self”?

The inspiration to publish “dear self”, came from my desire to help others heal, plain and simple. The first time I shared my poetry in front of an audience I cried during the entire performance. I was healing with every word I spoke and that was my only intent when I wrote the poem — to heal. After my performance a woman stopped me in the bathroom in tears thanking me for telling my truth because it deeply resonated with her own. That is what inspired me and continues to inspire me everyday — the knowing that these words and this book have the power to heal a pain in someone’s heart that has been aching for far too long.

Besides writing a book, you also have a podcast, a YouTube channel, a newsletter, and are active on other social media - how do you navigate this all and manage to keep consistent?

To be honest, I’m not always consistent and in those times when I am not consistent I try to extend grace and gentleness to myself. It’s very hard being a young entrepreneur and first time author while still navigating and trying to find my footing in this world. Gentleness is a daily practice of mine. Also, I will say that what truly helps me with consistency is just simply staying grounded in my purpose and mission. Yes, a schedule is nice and having a mom-ager to keep me focused is a plus, but if I am not grounded in my “why” nothing will get done.

What impact do you wish for your work to have on society?

My hope and wish is that my work impacts people to love themselves wholly without apology or question. I want people…I want you to know that you are enough and whole just as you are. That you are loved and protected, always and you have everything you need within you. I pray that people come across my work and feel a deep connection to their inner most vulnerable self. It is my belief that when we are aligned with our inner self our ability to create and live life peacefully and fully is unwavering. Existing from that space is what we all deserve.

Who is the woman you admire most?

At this moment the woman I admire most is my older sister, Charity. I have seen her grow through some very traumatic and tough situations in life and she never gave up or gave in. She stands strong through it all. We haven’t always had a close knit relationship, but I’ve always admired her resilience, her grit and how deeply she loves and cares about her family and friends. She never lets life’s obstacles defeat her and more recently she’s taken a huge step in her healing. One that can feel very scary and uncomfortable for a lot of us, but she did it for her. Not for anyone else. She did it for her healing and her growth. That to me is the most admirable thing you can do — heal for you.