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5 Things to Do While At Home

Author Editor - 2 minute read

While many of us are home practicing social distancing, we wanted to share some activities you can do that not only tackle boredom, but can help with self-care and personal growth. So read on for some ideas on how you can best use your time at home. 

Become a Master Chef 

Not only is it a fun activity to do with whoever you’re quarantined with, but amping up your chef skills is also pretty necessary. Try these new recipes below or get creative and make it up as you go! 

Freshen Up Your Space 

A clean space means a clear mind! While we agree with that saying we’d also like to add that a beautiful space contributes to a sense of ease and satisfaction. So why not do a little makeover and freshen up the areas of your apartment you occupy the most? At French Connection, we offer some lovely throw pillows that nicely zhuzh up a couch, as well as luxurious duvet covers that’ll liven up the bedroom. But of course, you don’t necessarily need to buy anything to redecorate. It can be as simple as rearranging furniture, moving artwork from one room to the other, or swapping curtains! 

Start a Fitness Routine

Given that we’re probably going to spend our days sitting at our desk, lounging on the couch, or laying in bed, with our “commutes” being only a few steps, this is the perfect time to get into a good fitness routine and introduce some activity to our everyday life. And the good thing is, for a lot of workouts you don’t even need to be outside or in a gym! Below is a list of studios offering online classes or Youtubers whose videos we love working up a sweat to. 

Hangout with Friends (Virtually, Of Course)

Just because social distancing is the norm now doesn’t mean we can’t still spend quality time with our friends! We’re lucky to live in an age where technology is as advanced as it is and digital hangouts via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom are easily available to most. To make things more fun, schedule a cool happy hour hang or Sunday brunch (this could be a great way to show-off those cooking skills!)

At Home Spa Session

Stress-relief is now arguably more important than ever. Too much stress and our immune system suffers, so “treating” ourselves to an at-home spa session should become a part of our weekly schedule. Face and hair masks, bubble baths, soothing music, plush robes, mani/pedis, and anything else that calms you and makes you feel rejuvenated is simply a must. 

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