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Survival Kit

This week marks the start of Fashion Month, kicking off the mad whirlwind in New York City. And whether you’re a Fashion Week veteran or newcomer, the list of must-haves for your cult carry-all remains the same. Here are the necessities that dreams are made of. (The only thing we haven’t mastered is being in two places at once.)

NY Fashion week 2014
Fashion week survival kit

STATEMENT FLATS Late nights and long days are inevitable. A pair of statement flats will save your feet from uncomfortable situations plus, they won’t ruin your outfit.

CELL PHONE BACKUP BATTERY All of that texting, emailing and instagramming takes a toll on your cell phone. If you want it to make it passed noon, keep one of these on you.

KIND BAR Because we get cranky when we’re hungry.

TIDE TO GO PEN The last thing you need is a stain when you meet Anna Wintour.

TYLENOL Lack of sleep and free-flowing champagne prove to be a bad combo. This will nip your migraine in the butt.

BOLD LIP This is a no brainer when you need to step up your #SELFIE game.

MINTS For AFTER a meal, not as a meal.

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