French Connection brings its distinctive take on style and fashion with an exclusive French Connection EDT and Eau De FCUK fragrances. These unisex fragrances are packaged to help create a fresh contemporary collection, in simple clear and frosted glass.

French Connection Fragrance is a fresh fragrance with tones of citrus, a floral heart with sandalwood, vetiver and musk at the base, creating a fresh, versatile fragrance for everyday.The scent remains a true classic, creating a sense of serenity and purity from head to toe, with its simplistic and timeless style.

Eau De FCUK is a warm, citrus, herbal fragrance of lime, cinnamon, cedar wood and patchouli. Creating an intriguing, cologne style scent for day or night, for men and women. With the herbal and more woody notes, despite this being a unisex fragrance, this lends itself to more of a masculine fragrance.

SV100 30ml French Connection EDT
SV101 115ml French Connection EDT
SV108 30ml Eau De FCUK EDT
SV109 115ml Eau De FCUK EDT

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