Credit Card Authorisation

Please note, we are proving this information to customers so that the ordering experience with French Connection is understood. We also want you to know that your credit card details are safe and cannot be taken from the French Connection website. You will see many retailers requesting Master Card, Visa and Maestro passwords to complete an order online in the coming months. Retailers have many ways of storing customer data and authorising credit card orders. The French Connection process is outlined below:

  1. When you place your order with French Connection online you will receive an order confirmation via email.
  2. After you receive the order confirmation, your order details and credit card information are sent to another system to check that you're billing information and security code matches the information your bank holds. This process does not take place on the French Connection website which is why we will not be asking for an additional credit card password in the future. Some retailers use their website database to check everything and authorise immediately, but we have a system that is not online and thus cannot be accessed by anyone or any computer system trying to locate customer data for fraud usage. We are also PCI compliant, meaning your data is not all stored in one location. Your credit card number and corresponding authorisation information are in separate locations for security purposes.
  3. If we have any problems with the credit card or information you have supplied, we will get in touch via email or telephone to resolve the issue before your order is processed. If we feel the order is fraudulent then we will cancel the order and notify you in writing that we have made this decision.
  4. If the order is processed we will send you an email notifying you that your order has been dispatched. We prioritise orders based on the required delivery timeframe e.g. Next day orders are processed first and then standard orders.