Our recycled pieces come together to create a range of salvaged products which are given a new lease of life. Running across fashion and homeware, we're doing our bit to recycle, reuse and re-love.

Recycled leather

Our eco-friendly bags are crafted from natural leather fibres and unused off-cuts and we’re proud to be the first UK fashion retailer using this recycling process. By using traceable pre-consumer materials to create a light and durable accessory that retains the traditional look and feel of genuine leather, our recycled leather collection promises to be stylish and environmentally friendly.

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Men’s organic cotton t-shirts

With the aim of reducing the impact that textiles have on the world, our organic cotton t-shirts have been made with 100% organic cotton yarn, certified by the global organic textile standard. This organic cotton is grown in rain-fed areas without polluting pesticides, creating a better fabric for you and your environment.

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Recycled denim pouffe

With the aim of reducing waste, we set out this season to incorporate more recycled products into our homeware collection. Our recycled denim pouffe is a firm favourite. Unwanted jeans are given a new lease of life as they’re cut into strips before being transformed into our pouffe.

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Recycled rebound jeans

Made from ISKO EARTH FIT™, our Rebound jeans are made with eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. They’re still the same Rebound jeans that you know and love – just kinder to the environment.

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