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Over are the days of super formal business dress codes. Today, most offices demand a little more personality of their desk-dwellers. The holiday season serves as the perfect excuse for every guy to ask for (or treat themselves) to something that will spruce up his look in the pant department. French Connection has got you on men's pants, infusing classic styles with a few notes of subtle sophistication that will iron out the wrinkles in your wardrobe from the waist down.

Washed Herringbone Tweed Trousers

These wool and cashmere herringbone pants keep it classic in super-soft washed slate but add a little personality with contrasting black racing stripes and front creases. A relaxed but tailored fit make them perfect for days behind a desk or on date night.

The formal fit and front crease belies the pant’s ultra-stretchy cotton jersey. The butter-soft fabric in heathered gray makes these sleek trousers perfect for everything from weddings, work parties or weekends out on the town.

The ultimate in relaxed office wear, these cottons pants stretch a little in all the right places. The belt loops mask the lounge appeal of the drawstring waist. Zipped front pockets give it a utility edge and sporty function. Think of these as the yoga pant for men...except better. What guy wouldn’t like to step into the office in something a little more comfortable?

CO Slim Black Jeans

Every man needs everyday jeans. And these slim-fit black denim pants max out on the “go-to” pant appeal. With the versatility of blue jeans, a pair of these black denim five-pocket pants will add an extra oomph to any outfit --- polishing a plaid shirt or lending a casual air to a suit and tie. Plus, French Connection’s slim fit makes these jeans look as endlessly modern as they do timeless.

Another super classic men’s pant style done right. A camel pair of cotton trousers goes a long way in setting off a white button-down, a bright sweater or a black jacket. The unrivaled comfort and versatility of French Connection’s 5-poket cotton stretch pants makes them a must-have staple of every man’s closet.

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